My lover has given me flowers.
(Yet they are so much more than this.)
You see these are my favorite flowers and he is the very first to have ever purchased them for me.
These flowers symbolize much more than an incredibly sweet gesture of amazingly magical blooms.
They are new beginnings and hope.
They breath life into my chest.
Petals flowing in my blood.
They represent the strength it took to grow through a load of dirt and shit to become something rare and beautiful.
They are layered, layered and layered,  like my very own soul.
This year I have already began stepping into a new strength that had begun to take shape in my bones last year.

A strength born of fire and ash.

A strength that has carried me many places high and deep into the shadows.

I call upon this strength to forge a new future out of the varied passions I have been cultivating for what seems like forever.

I am overwhelmed with the over flow of last years excitement and anticipation for what this year has to offer.

Fresh and full of life like these blooms.