Dear Portland,

I immensely enjoyed every tiny detail of your landscapes.

From the hip coffee filled streets to the grand cascading waterfalls.

You took my breath away! Portland, it would be good for you to know that you have precious cargo living amongst you. He is ever so magical just like you. Take care of him and bless him often. Aside from loving the crap out of you my dear city, i’d also like to say that one day I will live with you. I will get to know your streets like an old lover. I will wonder them until their scents become familiar. I will visit (Scrap) often and will explore every nook. I will be a bigger fan of Portland than even Vinnie is. Is that possible? Maybe not, but oh how I loved you! Enough to consider staying in your hollow, rainy, yummy streets. Thank you for a magical wondrous week! 

Sincerely Ashley