I awoke before everyone else, yearning to explore the soft spring weather.

I could hear the young bids rustling out of sleep just beyond the door.

I wandered the streets of Richmond for the better part of an hour before jostling friends to reality and walking to Lamplighter.

Which happens to be a snazzy coffee house filled with bike culture and very citrus/acidic americanoes!

We sat in the sun which was full fledged now, soaking in it’s vibrant heat.

I love to people watch when I travel, especially at spots that create an atmosphere for community.

We met up with some more cozy friends: ate at 821 bakery cafe and then explored some of the great out doors!

With quilt in hand and sunshine in the sky we were set for a lazy sunday in the park.

As the day drew on we consumed copious amounts of kombucha, vegan cookies and probably made everyone feel very jealous they were not our friends.

The End…