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 The corn was magic. Absolutely covered in salt and spice. But the way it melted and burned and tasted was magic.

The sea was as crisp as could be. He had never stood in an ocean so blue and wonderous.

I meandered away collecting trinkets that the waves had left me.

Heart shaped shells of all colors.

We walked and walked and walked and eventually I needed coffee and carvings so we ditched the crystal clearness and took to the streets.

I found this amazing little guy carved out of a cows bone. He was beautiful with ancient symbolize and designs on his clothing.

He made me feel like I was a kid again looking in the library at all those Egyptian books or national geographic magazines, expect I was there, RIGHT THERE,  holding it in my own two hands.

Now he sits in our bed room next to the deer antlers from our wedding and the prayer beads he recieved while living with the Navaho tribe.

It feels natural and perfect.