Days blur into the swirling moments that make up our memories. Day after day of staring at walls made of books while doing dishes and making yummy juices. Breathing in thankfulness that I have this wonderful job. 

The drink above (The Noblemen) Pretty much the best thing for your taste buds!

The citrus is like a circus in your mouth!

 I spend my nights wandering in these piles of paper. I have been creating a journal to take to my art retreat in England. I have been saving England and Paris reminiscent papers for a while. It’s such a joy springing in my heart every moment that I get closer to this dream! 

 I had a whole day to myself to explore. Hmmm what shall I do? What a better way to treat yourself than to go to NEW thrift stores in New Port News. I got soooo many old records, pencils skirts, National Geographics and a hand made owl mugs which I have literally drank EVERYTHING out of! 


 For a while there I thought we were going to skip right over summer and swim in the delight of rainy weather fall days. Every day rained crisp cool drops. Making us all run to hot cider and cinnamon. My incessant wearing of boots and sweaters seemed less out of place. 

 Ever since one christmas day in New York City when dad and I spent the morning roaming central park at sunrise, it has become a ritual for us. Get up on saturday morning drink coffee and watch the sunrise somewhere. It used to be a lot more frequent than it is now. But every time we go it’s magic. God has the most beautiful way of swirling clouds and sun to delight us. 

Yummy fog rolling around tire swings on tree’s.  

My once in a “blue moon” birthday present sinking behind the forest.

 Your love is so pretty I just wanna sink in. Sometimes your heart is so pretty I just wanna live there. 

 I have never been big on birthdays with anyone other than family.

But this year I was so loved upon by all my friends.

These are a few pictures of moments spent over the best community builder. FOOD!

 It’s been a sweet LONG moment since I have been around my huge group of ART—-EEE friends. Last night I spur of the moment stopped in to say Hi to Kelsie from With Lavender and Lace and found this… Music, friends, and free cookies! Everyone looking suave in their vintage “wear” and huge camera’s.

It’s Virginia Beach’s one claim to Hipster fame. Best group of people. 

I came home at 1:30 a.m. for the third night in a row! Maybe I’m not as old as I thought?