Introducing my Bella: She has been my cuddle bug on many of days and she has been sick with a limp and a lump. It’s being tested for cancer. Sad baby. 

My life coach brought me some yummy cherries! 

This week consisted of over Fifty hours of Fruitive which was an exhausting labour of love! So since the majority of my waking time was there you get a lovely selection of work memories!

The down pour that I took my break in: Soaking the sounds and the drops washing away the mugginess. 

Lots and lots of coffee. Which is funny since I work at a juice shop and it had been a hot second since i’d had coffee.

Why are there so many banana’s you say? My boss man told a co-worker hey go to the store and buy as many banana’s as you can because we are out of our frozen one’s for smoothies and this cart FULL is what he wheeled into Fruitive. We all died with laughter and applause!

I took this picture not knowing ALL the implications it would have for me this week. We have a giant wall of books in our store which is quite honestly my favorite part of Fruitive. I just noticed the title: Try and Trust. This is a word straight from God. I feel it in my bones. Something happened this week that took my breath away in the bad kind of way. Like a car crash when you have been driving so perfectly and going the right speed and well doing everything well. But someone else just blindsides you. I ranted at God and when I say ranted I mean all the christian girl lingo WENT OUT THE WINDOW! I asked around to several people for advice and strength and the common answer was: Trust in his love and this too shall pass. I believe it this time. I know all to well the plummeting lows that I have ALLOWED to keep me down. I am choosing to get up fast and run after what I want. I am TRUSTING… Yes finally I am trusting. In the face of what happened this week this is an incredible achievement that I am publicly patting myself on the back for. I do not trust, never have. This changes today. I am Trusting in God almighty.