These last few days have been magic.

The feeling of fall seeping out of the clouds and comforting my heart.

I love the crisp cool air in my lungs.

The smell of fire wood and the joy of knowing boots and sweaters are to be worn! 

 Everyday I dream of Paris and London.

I keep telling myself to relish in the waiting and dreaming because it is apart of the journey.

But how I ache to travel. To feel new earth below my feet.

To people gaze and to wander. I long for this more than anything these days.

 This is a bit of my cozy little birthday.

Full of yummy appetizers, vintage cola’s and books. Of course books!

My family made me a tower of donuts and screamed happy birthday. Just the way I like it.

 I spent a beautiful night laughing away on my best friends balcony.

The crisp air dancing on our faces, drinking licorice tea on a black polka dot blanket.

Her and her husband told stories and laughed with me for hours. What a beautiful way to end a day.

 Iv been going on a lot of walks recently. Weather permitting.

I love all the things God romances me with when I’m in nature.

The trails of mushrooms leading to somewhere magical.

The hidden little neighborhood bunnies and the bright swirling sunsets. It warms my heart right up.

 Wether you like it or not:     It’s a bright new day…