Ask me more.

Go ahead.

Ask me…

Ask me…

What makes me comes alive?

 What makes my heart quicken?

What turns me on?

What makes my blood boil?

Where do I go when I need home?

Where do I wander when I need space?

Where in the world shall you explore next?

What is my relationship to money?

What is my relationship to my body?

What love stories have I lived?

What books have transformed me?

What experiences were transcendent?

Who are my people?

What have I lived through?

What passages have I walked through?

What wisdom do I know?

What fires have I risen out of?

Where are am I going?

What motivates me?

What nourishes me?

When do I feel seen?

When do I feel heard?

What makes me nervous?

When have I embodied my truest nature?

What treasures do I fill my home with?

How do I deal with depression?

How do I deal with anxiety?

How did I mend my broken heart?

How do I create boundries?

Go ahead ask me…

Ask the questions.

All of them.

The ones that we don’t ask.

The one’s we wan’t to know.

Explore me like the dense forest of answers that I am.