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This beauty has a way in front of my lens that just about no one else has occupied.

She is divine!

Let’s daydream together.

Lets visualize all that we really desire.

I mean REALLY desire.

Like the bonfires among boulders and woods,

drinking absinth and dancing to beats antique.

Like cherry blossoms in Japan and all the polaroids we would take.

Lets watch too much anime while eating soooo much popcorn.

Lets build farms and family’s.

-Lets sink into the fact that we know, that we know, that were pretty FUCKING awesome!

Lets really let our hearts grow REAL deep in our love for each other, our men and our fancy pants big girl lives.


“The eyes make it blossom; the heart matures it.” -Joseph Campbell

Lets SEE the world.

Lets SEE each other.

Lets SEE it all as it is DEVINE.