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Vitality is my word.

I am committing to it.

It is about coming home to my body.

Living in it.


Perhaps for the first time EVER.

Embodying it, I guess you could say.

It’s all about knowing what has happened to it.

Accepting it.

Not just GETTING OVER IT, like they want me too.

Not just ignoring IT,  like I so desperately desire.

It’s about cultivating a home in my bones.

A place that I feel safe and peaceful in.

My body is a place of Vitality.

It will no longer be a foreign land to me.

I will choose to not  sulk, or wallow in it.

I am going to dance in it’s light as well as in it’s shadows.

I am wide open.

Ready for the rush of choosing my own path.

The opposite of depression isn’t happiness.

The opposite of depression is VITALITY.

THIS is MY FRESH START >>>——————>