Here is where gratitude becomes my teacher.

The way I see.

The way I find my way back to the beauty within and without.

The way he walks in with flowers in hand.

The way after a hot, hot summer this cool July day whispers of autumn to come.

The way we found the skull of a muskrat sitting at the entrance of a path watching like a guardian.

How one day I found a nest on the side of the road by wild flowers. The next day I found a blue spotted shell sitting on the edge of a golf course. Then today with her, just before getting in the car, there it was. A bluejay feather. How I had looked for one for months. Like bread crumbs, following them, learning to keep my eyes open for what that day has to offer. Knowing I will always find what I seek, plus some.



How magnolias have blossomed like a birth, hanging on it’s gigantic tree like many full moons in the night.

How afternoon mist clings to my skin, cold air fills my lungs.

Talking on the phone with one of my heroes in writing and femininity, Jalaja Bonheim.

Wearing a long maxi dress and how I feel a comfortable lusciousness in my own skin.

Lake Drummond and it’s 800 year old tree.

Watching lightning storms on the beach talking about the difference between belief system spirituality and religion with my love.

Discussing the great divorce by CS Lewis and the possibility of reincarnation.

Finding the remnants of a beautiful butterfly urging me to continue to transform reminding me that life and death are sisters.

These and much more is what delights my heart these days.