My body feels like a city of emotions… emotions I cannot contain.
Waiting on the upper level of Richmond International Airport in front of the steal gate marked “check point” of concourse b.
Security is looking unamused and bored at this 11pm arrival.
I notice (everything and somehow nothing) in these moments.
All my senses are heightened as time has slowed exponentially.
My mind racing… jumping from one feeling to another.
I am waiting. He is here. Almost here.
He is there… actually.
Somewhere in the sky just beyond the airport… with a seatbelt sign on, a stewardess checking for trash and ensuring all passengers have an upright chair.
They have probably announced “we are entering our final descent,” which fills you with an eager anticipation.
I will still be waiting as your plane taxi’s.
I will still be waiting as passengers slowly file out of those tiny doors.
I will still be waiting as those same people walk briskly or grudgingly down the corridors.
I will still be waiting.
With each departure and each arrival.
I will be here.
Wherever “here” needs to be that day.
It is my joy to be here.
To be your waiting arms.
To be your waiting kisses.
To be your waiting hello.
It is my privilege really!
To watch your smile widen as you see my face for the first time in months.
To be your constant home in our ever changing lives.
Wether we live in Norfolk, Jacksonville or wherever, I will always be here for you to come home too.
I love you. 
”You are the fair winds to my following seas.”