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“My love for water,

my ever dying need to be in it and what it does for me..

When I’m in the water, ever since I can remember, I suck in a big breath..
I shut my eyes tight..then I dive…dive into the ocean, the bay, the local pond, mud puddle.
I dive deep into a world of my own.
I wonder endless streets under the sea that my mind has created!
Be it the city streets of New York to the back roads of the woods. I, like a kid, can live in my own fantabulous created world.
A world free of hurt, pain, and mean people (even sharks are nice)..a world of eternal endless beauty, I become a mermaid!”
-Megan Lee
– This past summer I received this letter from my dear friend Megan.
I had never known this side of her soul before. But once it had surfaced I desired to know more.
She and her story are what inspired a whole series of photographs.
Now entitled “Water Nymphs.”
*I can’t wait to show you much more. To continue this work of seeing the souls of woman shine.
Cheers to her: For her vulnerbility.
Much love!