What does Authentic mean to me?

Authentic is a word that feels like home. It means I have all of myself present, fully and honest… When I am in the messy middle, I am not covering or beautifying, I am not seeking to construct what I think you would like to see.

But rather am always disassembling the layers I have gathered over the years. I am getting down to the bare naked me. Slowly but surely.

My voice is telling it’s truth. My actions are telling theirs. All I do is a full bodied YES from my soul outward.

What does it feel like to be Authentic?

*It feels like pure unabashed freedom.

I believe YOU deserve Authenticity from me. I also believe it does my body and soul good to BE Authentic. So all around Authenticity is good for humanity.

This Authentic freedom looks like?

It can look like a lot a million things right now an example of authenticity is:

The Sacred Vignettes E-course I am creating (coming soon). These were created out of pure need and practice. I needed to create. I needed a place to breath. My anxiety was so bad last year that I had to find a way to release it healthily. I needed to connect with nature. And to make a space to pour out gratitude.

Sacred Vignettes were created from this authentic yearning to experience myself and my life fully. Not because I thought perhaps others would want it or perhaps because it looked good or sounded good but rather because I so desperately needed it. Creating those Sacred Vignettes were and are holy moments for me. They light me up. They open me wide. I connect with the great life force and it feels good! They are an authentic expression of my soul and it’s desires as well as it’s depths.

What I know to be true?

It’s always worth waiting for the Authentic organic expression.

I am all about working hard. But it doesn’t feel good to force out something to make a little extra cash. I choose rather to show up, do the work in front of me and create what I need to create. I don’t ask what I should create. I don’t ask what you may want.

I ask: What makes me come alive?

What can I create out of the things that make me come alive?

What am I already doing that I can use in my creative work?

What do I already know that may serve others?

Start there…

Do these….

Follow the organic process!

Develop your Authentic expression.