Folded in a yellow children’s book embossed with a crane, lies my new series: What Love Tastes Like.

The crane’s fidelity and mating rituals make it a common symbol for loyalty and successful marriage.

It inspired me instantly to create a series sourced from what love looks like to me. Picking images that reflect this theme.

I rarely if ever sit down to create something by a theme.

With this in mind I picked each piece intuitively. I didn’t judge as I laid images to paper.

I didn’t ask myself why I picked one piece or another, I just went with the flow.

Love mingles many wounds and static joy for me.

It is a dance of innocence and trust with raw unwavering danger.

It is raw in it’s purest form for me. Honesty in every color.

It takes seasons in turns and tumbles.

(These images are the first few completed pieces.)