1} When I grow up: Fever Ray 2} Black Label: Cafe Mocha 3} Rock throwing and bamboo fights. (Only with these boys)

I love to wrap myself in a large woolen sweater after a beautiful day of sunshine on my skin

and laughter from my belly.

I love clasping that warm soothing cup of coffee and writing about the beauty and wonder of one moment

and the rigorous pain of another.

I love feeling like everything is possible.

Like there is such a thing as perfection in love.

I love entertaining the idea of marriage and kisses and future.

I close those ideas as quickly as they come like a present being opened far too early.

I place them back deep in my heart and wait.

Wait… Wait…

My least favorite part of the childhood game hide and seek.

Waiting to be found.

Yet this notably was my favorite game.

I keep moving.

Keep dreaming.

Keep working and hope that my constant moving doesn’t loose him or defer him.

Whoever he is. I hope he can keep up.


Carry Us with strength.

I snuggle into these thoughts like a warm blanket on a cold night and slip into a dreamy daze.

A daze covered in blessing to every person who struggles with this wait.