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Driving towards the sea.
Fog hitting our windshield like apparitions and hugging fields like a lover.
Trees are all shadow and silhouette!
Gas station coffee in brown cups.
The winding country roads eventually gave way to water.
Glorious stretches of Currituck.
We got out and I made a home of black and white blankets and began soaking in the atmosphere with photographing.
He sits quietly on blankets,
then stands quietly on rocks.
I don’t think to much of it.
It’s 6:15 am, he isn’t much of a morning person.
The sky by now has said hello, with some pretty brilliant Fuchsias.
The water was calm and collected.
He turned and scooped me in his framing arms.
And says:
I wanted your birthday to be memorable.
So I got you a present,
He says this all the while looking down.
He brought his eyes back to mine,
So I got you THIS.
He held it up.
I stood staring…
Question after question running around my blank stare.
“Will you marry me?”
This usually very articulate man, said the only words that mattered in that moment.
Then I hugged him for a long while not knowing what to say.
Feeling that I didn’t want to say anything.
That silence held in it everything we already knew.
He didn’t need to elaborate and neither did I.
I said yes while burying my face into his chest.
I felt far away and yet right with him.
We stood there for a great deal of time.
The pink has began to dull.
I feel his chest rise and fall with his breath.
We exchange many smiles and glances at the ring.
He went back to his words:
I want to carve out a path with you.
One neither of our families have taken.
I want to travel the world over with you.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you,
watching the earth come alive and building a place to call home wherever we go.
I know the doubts and risks and I want to do it all anyway.
I want to Marry you Ashley Alexandra Fielden.
Cars are passing by in blurs.
Birds are awakening.
The fiery sky is now muted and giving way to day.
My eyes are fixed on him,
they are misty.
I am still full of (I love you silence.)
We spend most of the day in this kind of silence.
Probably the most silent of all our days yet.
We felt as if nothing has changed between us and yet we know so much is shifting and will continue to do so.
But for today words are not very much needed.
What’s needed is kisses,
lots of kisses.
Forest walks,
Picking wild flowers,
Telling families
And much laughter!

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