A little over a month ago we packed our backpacks/suitcases for our first official vacation. Not a honeymoon or weekend to visit family. Two weeks just the two of us… doing whatever our hearts desired!
After researching what felt like (to him) a million places I circled back to Utah/Arizona. A trip Iv been wanting to take, a trip that has nestled its way into my body as a “need to get there place.”
I had asked him where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do? his reply “mountains… I want there to be mountains.” Ahhhhh the simplicity of that answer gave me free range to plan the vacation I had been dreaming of. Oh and there were plenty of mountains believe me…
So with bags packed and pups thoughtfully being taken care of by my father. We boarded our plane for our western desert/hiking/road trip!
Our loop would begin by driving out of Las Vegas to a little slice of heaven called Zion National Park. Seriously. Slice. Of. Heaven.