Engagement::: Christopher/Shelby

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This is my cousin Christopher and his soon to be bride Shelby.

I remember playing star wars beneath large pine tree branches.

Running around creeks racing salamanders.

And eating blackberries off the farmers bushes.

Now your grown and marrying an incredible woman.

It was so lovely playing in the mountains and picnicking with the two of you.

Welcome to the family!

Raven, My Shadow Side.


“For those of us with one foot in the shadowlands it can take extra care and time. We long to linger in the moments.” -Katariina Fagering

I feel as of late more than one foot have snuck over to the shadow lands.

The heaviness has felt like a cloud slowly rolling in.

Deeper and deeper it has stolen me away.

But today I choose to learn from the shadow land but no longer linger.

I allow the shadow to transform into the small soft body of a Raven.

I see it’s tender breast and it’s silky feathers.

I thank it for what it has taught me.

For the questions it helped me ask.

For the answers my own voice uttered.

No longer do I need to hold onto your dark form.

Without guilt or shame I admit you had been a comfort at times,

an excuse for my self destructive choices,

and with honesty we will meet again one day on a distant shore.

However, my dear Raven it is time you flew away.

I release you.