Asheville, NC

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There are a million gems to see and do in Asheville, let me tell you of a few we discovered during our weekend jaunt there over fourth of July weekend.

The Bywater a delightful joint where you can bring your own picnic and purchase yummy cocktails to enjoy by one of their fire pits or while your cooking out next to the river.

To sliding rock where a line of locals wait to slip and slide down this favorite natural mountain waterfall in the Pisgah National Forest.

Or you can enjoy an event put on by Asheville Folk like the one you see curated in a lovely white barn surrounded by the Blue ridge, live music, a field of horses and a rope swing.

(Who wouldn’t want to go to that?)

Go for a drive at dusk along the Pisgah National Forest, pull off at one of the many incredible over looks and watch as the mountains turn to water color paintings before your eyes.

Last but not least grab breakfast to go from Biscuit Head (You will NOT regret this choice) and walk around The River Arts District to see building after building of graffiti magic.

**If possible procure a jeep and listen to Lemonade by: Beyonce… Just sayin…

(Photo cred: Photos including me and of our pups taken by Cindi Cervone Carlson. xoxo Thank You for capturing those moments!)


Passion Myth

For years I struggled on the creative path. Going between bursts of creativity to droughts.

Feeling impassioned about my future work, to feeling like I will never make a living doing what I love.

I concluded; I didn’t have enough passion.

Passion is all you need, I heard people say… if your passionate enough they continued.

What I am starting to realize: Passion is a huge piece of the puzzle; but it is not the only piece.

Passion isn’t meant to be a constant state of “being” in love with (Said work). It isn’t supposed to be the answer, the fix all, the magic pill.

Passion will disappoint you with this kind of pressure.

Now I’m not saying you don’t need passion… Hell yes you need passion to follow your dreams.

Passion is what lights you up. Passion is a catalyst. Passion motivates. Its what gets you intrigued, gets you going and gets you coming back to your dreams over and over again.

Though if your like me, you have felt passion wane. You have felt boredom creep in, discouragement take over. It’s 100% normal.

Thats right… this doesn’t mean your not passionate about your dreams, which is what I used to think. You may be assuming passion will do a lot more of the work than it’s intended purpose. Somewhere in me believed “if I just had enough passion I would always enjoy what I was doing.” “If I just had enough passion I would already be successful.”

Successful people get bored. Successful people tackle mundane tasks. Sometimes with wind in their sails, sometimes without.

Either way they keep going… Day by day they put in the work, with or without passion.

road trip (1)

I didn’t really understand… it’s too simple, I thought. They have too possess something I don’t. The veil between why they were successful and I wasn’t, tore when I began to met successful people.

I made excuses of why I couldn’t achieve my dreams. They didn’t. I gave up or settled when it got too hard. They kept going. I thought it was taking too long. They were in it for the long haul.

The answer wasn’t that they had more passion than I, it’s that they were committed to the WHOLE process. That my friends is amazing news.

You don’t have to feel euphoric about your dreams all the time. Say what?! This is so damn relieving… seriously!

Take the pressure off your passion… when it wanes, and it will, don’t take it personally… stay committed…

Passion + Commitment = Dreams Coming True! The magic answer. Okay, maybe not but it’s pretty close.

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