Raven, My Shadow Side.


“For those of us with one foot in the shadowlands it can take extra care and time. We long to linger in the moments.” -Katariina Fagering

I feel as of late more than one foot have snuck over to the shadow lands.

The heaviness has felt like a cloud slowly rolling in.

Deeper and deeper it has stolen me away.

But today I choose to learn from the shadow land but no longer linger.

I allow the shadow to transform into the small soft body of a Raven.

I see it’s tender breast and it’s silky feathers.

I thank it for what it has taught me.

For the questions it helped me ask.

For the answers my own voice uttered.

No longer do I need to hold onto your dark form.

Without guilt or shame I admit you had been a comfort at times,

an excuse for my self destructive choices,

and with honesty we will meet again one day on a distant shore.

However, my dear Raven it is time you flew away.

I release you.

Wet, wild freedom.

IMG_7017I struggle getting down with what’s raw and naked in my soul.

I speak the life I’m wanting to inhabit.

But so often those words only live on edges.

At the end of finger tips.

In the bottom of glasses.

Like a day dream.

Of skinny dips.

Never knowing it’s real,




I say words in hopes to convince.




Hopefully everything, that clings to the comfortable.

Clings to the contained.


25 things to do before turning 26!

25photo 26photo



I like dreaming up new possibilities. I like creating goals to go after.

But most of all I adore growing. So each year I do what people usually do on New Years Day on my birthday.

I make “resolutions” of sorts. I create a list of things I would like to accomplish or sew seeds into.

(Here is my list of 25 things to do before turning 26:)

1: Try a Bloody Mary.

2: Read a book a month. Any suggestions? I have 12 spots!

3: Organize all collage papers. WISH me luck!

4: Collaborate with 6 artists. Any takers?! :)

5: Travel to Colorado. BE in AWE of it’s majesty.

6: Snowboard or Ski with my love.

7: Travel to Bali. (Hold a monkey, explore it’s temples and feast on all the richness it’s markets have…)

8: Can my own food. Seriously why haven’t I?

9: Take my love to New York City. (Eat pretzels, ride the subways and hold each others hands A LOT.)

10: Write my dearest Katariina every month.

11: Finish all E-courses I have began.  I can’t wait to dig into Alena Hennessy’s “Year of Painting.” And Pixie Campbells  ”Woman is a river.”

12: Write an article about depression.

13: Take a course by: Isabel Faith Ibbott. (If you don’t know who she is, you should. A goddess of writing!)

14: Paint/Collage a large piece of art to hang in my new home with my love.

15: Lead 3 art work shops locally. (Inquire, I am dreaming up yummy connecting arty-ness. With tea and green houses and writing, it will be good.)

16: Water Nymph Series. (A chance to shine and feel radiant. A place to be truly seen.)

17: Outline “HOWL”. Stay posted I CANNOT wait until this baby is ready to come into the world!

18: BEgin tea rituals again. Idea from Lindsay Luna.  Agony of Leaves was a very inspiring and healing journey for me and I intend to begin again.

19: (This one is a secrete, I will share when it is time.)

20: Pursue publications.

21: Photograph some intimate shoots. Woman SHOULD feel sexy and seen. Get your lingerie ready or come without it. (Email me if your interested!)

22: Create a home with intention and attention. Photo’s to be shared when the home arrives to us!

23: ACTUALLY, FINALLY begin yoga. It has been calling me for what seems like forever. It is time to learn flexibility and breath through life.

24: Share gratitude lists on here.

25: Wed to my love on a autumn day. Fincham.