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This list was half way written back in August when I usually post them.

As life would have a few huge changes in store coming for us in the last few months it sat idle in my notebook. Here is the revised version for our new journey…

26 things to do before turning 27! xoxo

1) Remember all those reader digest books we found in an abandoned house? Well I am going to make journals out of them! 

2) Print photos from our Honey Moon at Artifact Uprising!

3) Life hack our house especially the kitchen! Seriously so many ideas to make living much easier and organized! Which translates into a much more peaceful me.

4) Write Love Letters to people whom need them. You should too, click HERE to find out why and how!

5) Collage/write my heart… It’s time. I can feel the need to create about living in India and Nepal.

6) Stream line bills. Why? Because life is easier that way.

7) Learn how to make a Cyanotype which is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print! Uh, YES please!

8) Keep getting in shape. Right before turning 26 I decided it was high time to make working out a regular part of my life.

(Not an optional one.) I am dedicated to expanding what that looks like this year!

9) Drink champagne for the first time.

10) Make art with Orly Avineri.

11) Create a desk/workspace in our new home, where I can edit without being hunched over or burning my legs.

12) To that note I also want to freshin up our bedroom, wether that means a head board or new bed spread. It has been the least focused on room in the house.

13) Use milage for an airline ticket. Where too?

14) Get my very own sleeping bag, hiking backpack and boots! For real, I am an adult now, I need to invest in proper gear.

15) So I can hike and camp more. A goal we both equally desire.

16) Visit Asheville before leaving the east coast! Go to Double D’s and Biltmore Estate.

17) Read 12 books. Focusing on Travel and or Memoirs.

18) Tin type Portraits done.

19) Learn how to re-wire a lamp. Seriously this has been on my to do list forever.

20) Go dancing with my husband.

21) Learn to make proper cocktails. You know for all those parties we throw.

22) Get a morning routine. Mine consisted of rolling out of bed, throwing on clothes and grabbing a coffee. 1o minutes flat and I was out the door. I would like a healthier version from now on. Eat protein upon waking, drink more water, take my vitamin d, moisturize my face before getting dressed and grabbing that coffee.

23) Take Nathaniel scuba diving.

24) Meet a National Geographic photographer. Shoot with them.

25) Make a list of things to do and love while living in Jacksonville. Oh and do them…

26) Apply for collage!!!!!!!