How fast a year goes by, just the other day I was struggling to think of “26 goals” now I am writing 27.

*Some of my favorite things about “26” were the surprises… the non-planned adventures.

I learned that during my pursuit of desires to always keep my eyes open for magic.

It’s getting harder to write these lists, they keep getting longer and life is even more uncertain this year than ever before.

Uncertainty has a way of stealing our ability to dream, so more than ever I set to writing this list.

I will not allow my ability to dream be stolen from me.

This year the dreams are simpler because that is as far as I could stretch my heart.

Small moments of magic and pleasure. I think this is alright, dreams don’t have to be grandiose to be of value.

They just have to be real and honest. So here we go 27, lets make it a down to earth, bliss filled year!

“27 Things to do before Turning 28”

1: Go orange picking

2: See a manatee

3: Go camping on the beach (Something I have always wanted to do)

4: Purchase a travel french press and mugs for said camping

5: Visit an orchid farm

6: Explore Florida Keys, take my love scuba diving

7: Go flea marketing and antiquing for art supplies

8: Buy a good piece of handmade pottery

9: Get a tattoo

10: Photograph epic mountains

11: Photograph elk, bison or ram (Not picky)

12: Curate & photograph a bohemian picnic

13: Scan all India collages, begin compiling book

14: Get a puppy

15: Road trip the good old fashion way

16: Hold a fox (Seriously can someone help me out with this lifelong dream? Pleeeeease!)

17: Take an art workshop or go to a retreat

18: Become a brand affiliate for someone

19: Visit Utah… Hike, camp, photograph and soak in hot springs

20: Write blog posts about being self employed in the art world

21: Hire a photographer for my own brand portraits

22: Learn how to photograph the stars

23: Learn more about my genealogy

24: Take my love to the local farmers market

25: Go horseback riding with my love

26: Attend a stargazing party

27: Read 12 books

Here we go folks! Onward…