Sacred Vignettes: Honoring Your Everyday Sacred.

“Honoring your everyday Sacred through grounding, creating and living consciously.”


My Dear Soul,

This moment right here is Sacred. Your voice is Sacred. Your story is Sacred. Your one wild and precious life is Sacred!

Sacred is often very simple.
Making elaborate practices can be tiresome and often times means you won’t get around to doing them.
Sitting in the Sacred is all about honoring your life force, opening, listening and creating!

We will go on Spirit walks to connect with our luscious bodies and inner wisdom. We will forage and collect resources that will help illustrate our Sacred Stories.

We will practice the Art of asking and answering questions to open the well of our inner wisdom.

We will create Sacred Vignettes which will be our visual story telling of our everyday Sacred.

(One part Writing Course. One part Visual Story Telling. One part Vignette Exploration. All parts Connecting and honoring the Everyday Sacred!)

You want to know how this course was born?

Out of pure need.
In a time when I was walking through many inner and outward passages Sacred Vignettes emerged out of me.
I was hungry for real connection to life.
I craved emotional and spiritual clarity.

I lacked many resources I “thought” I needed, only to discover I had everything already in front of me.

It was born out of need. It began simple…
A little self awareness goes a long way.

A few minuets walk here, a few photos there… connecting the practice of question asking and answering.
I started small…

Day 1: Rooting into yourself.
Day 2: Your senses are your guides.
Day 3: Connections: all of them!
Day 4: Transform unrefined emotions and how this is presence.
Day 5: Desiring to speak your truth? Hear your inner voice?
Day 6: Awakening your inner wisdom.
Day 7: Integration and honoring everyday Sacred…

*Registration starts on June 1st!  Sacred Vignettes begins July 1st when the full moon is high in the sky! Price Only 15.00!!!!

*One week of honoring your everyday Sacred.* Email sent to you including all content. Also commune with the Sacred Vignette community over in our Facebook group!